Digital Media and Interactive Design
Student Work


Project 1: Synthetic Photograph

For this project you will be creating a synthetic photograph–a photograph constructed from ten to twenty source images. All of the images must be images that you made using a camera or other recording device. As you create this photograph think about how a synthetic image differs from a documentary image.  How does your choice of subject or setting change our conceptions about identity and environment in a constructed world?

Aesthetic focus: Light, color, composition, scale, subject, setting
Requirements: Printed on photographic paper

Project 2: One Rule Film

For this project you will be creating a film developed using a rule that you state before you start making the work. The film will be constructed from footage captured by you composited with simple 3D primitives or public domain 3D models. As you create this film think about the ideas of surrealism and hyperrealism. How does your choice of site and object create a scene that is realist, humanist or fantastic?

Aesthetic focus: perspective, site selection, object, lighting and scale
Requirements: 30 second film uploaded to vimeo or youtube

Project 3: Public/Private Interaction

For this project you will be writing a journal recording your ideas for work that you are making. The journal will record seven days of your thoughts in an analog format. From this text you will create a hypertextual piece that will use words from the journal.  As you create this interaction think about what it means to communicate with someone at a distance. How do the paths you create reveal or hide your thoughts?

Aesthetic focus: type, color, sequence, scale
Requirements: At least five links, an analog journal with writing from seven days

Project 4: Wunderkammer

For this project you will be creating an interactive piece that organizes a collection. The collection must contain at least 20 items. Each item must be documented through either a drawing or a photograph that will be presented online. You need to also create five pieces of data for each item that describe different aspects of the item in a textual or visual format. As you create this collection think about how the space you are creating relates to the items you collected. How does your organization and presentation of the objects create and manipulate the way that we read the objects?

Aesthetic focus: imagery, text, navigational structure
Requirements: At least five links, an analog journal with writing from seven days